Best Party Nightclubs in Bucharest

Romania overflows with the best party nightclubs in Bucharest. Find the perfect spots to paint the town red and dance the night away in these night spots in the metro. If you want unique and all-out entertainment, make a pre-trip research and you’ll discover a long list of these go-to night spots. It is not easy to choose which of these sites are considered the best party nightclubs in Bucharest. Hence, the best thing to do is to simply bar hop from one venue to the next. For those who want to stay in just one place, check out the most popular picks for nightclubs with all-night entertainment.

Best Party Nightclubs in Bucharest List
Choose one Bucharest night club or try all the places you can check out in one fun and wild night in the metro. The choice is yours! All you need to do is dress up and get ready to experience Bucharest nightlife like never before. Here is a list of the most popular and highly recommended night spots in the city:

• Shoteria. Don’t let the space size deceive you. This is in the list of the best party nightclubs in Bucharest for a reason. Shoteria is located in Str. Selari 17 and looks like a train carriage following its time travel theme. The shot bar is a terrific venue with a wide selection of smoothies, cocktails, hard drinks, shots, and hangover cures. The bar wall showcases a set of old-fashioned Romania train tickets with an outsized look. The place is a stand-and-deliver venue hence no seats in the house.

• Open Door. Located in Str. Covaci 8, this is one of the go-to and best party nightclubs in Bucharest. The venue boasts of its famous selections of exotic coffees such as the After Dinner Mint bestseller. It is a unique spot for the Old Town area where you can find the best seats upstairs however it could get really smoky during fun hours.

• Terasa Monteoru. One of the best party nightclubs in Bucharest is a popular, huge, and colorful terrace located in the Casa Monteoru courtyard. It is an elegant 19th century estate that’s the best and most sophisticated in the entire metro. Contrary to loud music and entertainment, the venue is perfectly hidden from the hustle and bustle of the mainstream. It offers a genuinely relaxing and calming oasis but with the most extensive drink menus in town. Hipsters and trendies flock in the place during the evening but it is also a great day spot.

• Mojo. A place like this is in the list of the best party nightclubs in Bucharest and the most popular among students and party goers. The student underground in Str. Gabroveni 14 is a must-see live music club in the Old Town. It hosts bands from rock to jazz to folk musicians.

The best party nightclubs in Bucharest are versatile and diversified in this stunning part of the globe. Get to experience all out fun and entertaining nightlife only the best party nightclubs in Bucharest could offer.