Uber’s Phantom Cars

There has been a lot of reports from passengers about Uber’s phantom cars. Passenger say that when they log-in, they would see a lot of available cars in the area but once they book a car, the available cars in the area would all suddenly disappear. Alex Rosenblat and Luke Stark are the ones who claimed this scenario on Uber and they also said that this is just one of Uber deceptive ways.

The Claim And Uber’s Response
The two researchers, Stark and Rosenblat made the claim due to the testimonies of drivers and passengers that available cars that are near the passenger’s vicinity can be seen even if the truth is there is none nearby that is available. In their report, they also quoted a customer-support representative who told them that the cars only show that there are cars on the road who can go to where they are and pick the passenger up. The exact number of cars that are available nearby cannot be seen and it is just a visual effect for their app.

On the other hand, Uber UK said that the cars are real and that the number of cars in the area decreases due to occasional lagging so it doesn’t necessarily show real time. Although it is Uber’s goal to make sure that the number of cars shown is accurate in real time, the lags become a problem. They also say that they only show a maximum of 8 cars because they do not want to clutter your screen with every driver available. Additionally, it is also Uber’s way of protecting their drivers. They do not want to show the specific location of their drivers until a ride request is made.
Aside from the phantom cars, Rosenblat has other comments about Uber which the company didn’t really respond to. This includes the surge pricing, which is the increase of the fare price because there is a high demand of drivers in the said area or time.

Uber’s Good Side
Although there are lots of things that many people comment about Uber’s services and the way they run their business, there are also some positive feedbacks that they receive. Passengers love the fact that they can lessen their expenses in using the service through the use of an uber promo code. Drivers were happy to discover that they can do something during their own time to increase their total income. A lot of Uber’s drivers are satisfied with the amount of compensation they take home every day. By being able to control the time they want to work or not, it gives them the feeling that they are the boss. The drivers come in a variety of ages but there are more and more retirees who are now enjoying this kind of job. Through it, many were able to increase their savings, have more to spend on what they want, take vacations and travel to places they would like to visit. It has also helped them maintain their social connection with others by conversing with their passengers. It’s exciting to see how these retirees enjoy their lives even at an old age with the help of Uber.