Catering myths you can ignore

The world is full of ‘conventional’ wisdom that’s often dead wrong. Here are the things you’ll hear about Catering Indianapolis or elsewhere that you can safely ignore.

Paying for the food will kill you.

Yes, food can make up a big part of the catering bill. That’s because it’s so important to your function. Bad food served wrong will put any guest off, no matter how good the rest of the planning. But that doesn’t mean an event on a budget needs to be ruined by feeding everyone. There’s a ton of ways to make the food budget more cost effective and keep the function in the black. It does depend on the services you want- for example, self-service food options can cut down considerably on the labor and staffing part of the bill. The duration and style of service at your event can be tailored to suit your needs, as can the alcoholic needs of your function.

‘Rubber’ chicken and other dish disasters.
Chicken always seems to be the criminal in catering horror stories. True, back in the ‘bad’ old days it was one of those dishes often purchased frozen and cooked badly, but those days have long since gone. You should trust your caterer to provide a quality service, and that extends to all dishes. If your caterer is simply opening boxes of frozen food, you should be running far into the distance anyway. Pick your caterer well and this needn’t be a worry.

Appetizers cost less than buffet.

Hors d’oeuvre can be little works of art in their own right, and they can also be fiddly and difficult to prepare. On the other hand, many buffet dishes are simpler and easier to prepare en mass. So the answer here is definitely ‘it depends on what you’re doing’. It’s probably better to choose between an appetizer reception and a buffet based on your function’s needs, rather than perceived ideas of cost alone.

Setup should be quick or they’re a bad provider.

You haven’t worked many functions, have you? Two hours or slightly more is usual for a full event service. You do, after all, want this vital part of the process done right. It’s going to be more if they’re setting up chairs and tables as well as the actual food utensils. There’s a ton of unloading to be done, from flatware to stemware and linen, and you want it doing carefully and to plan, not a rushed frenzy that leaves everything looking hideous and wrong. Quicker isn’t always better, and this is one area where you want them to take their time and get it right.

Catering myths spring up as a combination of bad clients with wrong expectations and bad unprofessional service providers. Choose your professionals carefully, and be a good client, and you will have an event everyone enjoys- yourself included.