Making Your Wedding Photos More Interesting

Gone are the days when wedding photos are just limited to group shots of the bride and groom plus their guest in front of the altar. Nowadays, there is an artistic flare towards great wedding photographs. The photographs of weddings of today are more of the personalities of the bride and groom. They bring out their passion in what they do and who they are through their wedding photographs. Although finding a great photographer by reading some of the San Francisco wedding photographer reviews will help you have a more artistic photo, it isn’t limited to the photographer. The couple should also be included in thinking how to make the wedding photos shine. Here are some ways on how to do just that.

1. Fine Art Photography – If you are one of those who choose to have the traditional or classic wedding photos then fine art photography is just for you. Although it may seem that they are just the usual photos you see from your mom and dad’s wedding photo album, the photographers of today give it a little twist by adding a few filmic touches. Those who take this kind of shots have lots of experience in fashion photography or portrait photography and they can make your photos look dreamlike or romantic. They can instruct you to pose so it is better if the couple is very comfortable with their photographer of choice.

2. Reportage Wedding Photography – This style of photography is for those who don’t want to pose a lot in front of the camera. It merges photojournalism with your wedding so that they take photos of you at your wedding while you simply do whatever it is that you need to do. The photographers here should be very keen in getting the right shots at the right time and at the right angle. This is where most candid shots come from and is very likable to many couples too.

3. Fun Wedding Photography – With this, fun loving couples will surely enjoy having their photos taken. Photographers of this kind of photography know how to deal with free-spirited couples who can do or will do extraordinary things at their wedding. Some may think that it is weird but the couple is just having fun and enjoying their special day. This is where props are introduced or even some stunts by the various guests and the couple themselves.

4. Vintage wedding photography – Aside from having a vintage themed wedding, you can also make the photographs look more vintage by tweaking the photos to make them look as if it happened a long time ago. Filters can be used and Polaroids are also famous in this line of photography.

5. Trashing The Dress – One of the trendy things that is currently happening today is trashing the dress after the ceremony is done. While you trash the dress through various artistic ways, photographs would be taken and it serves as a very good souvenir on what happened to the dress. This isn’t limited to the bride’s dress but also the bride’s maids dresses or the grooms clothes too. If you have a beach wedding, simply running into the water can help you trash the dress and have wonderful photos.