Tips For A Photographer’s Website

The internet is a great source to book Wedding photographer San Francisco. This will help you choose among the many different photographers that are in the city. After having read the reviews you also need to find more information about the photographer and you can do this by simply going to their website.

Although the website of the photographer should have adequate information about themselves, some websites are lacking information. In order for the client to get the necessary information that they want about you, you should be able to provide them whatever they need in your site. If you still don’t know what to place in your site, here are a few tips to help you.

1. Blog – A blog is a great tool that you can use to communicate with your clients as well as with others in the field of photography. Adding a blog to your website is a responsibility and you should be able to make updates regularly. This will keep readers and potential clients hooked to your website. The blogs can also be used to attract viewers to go and visit your site. The blog is also used for SEO purposes to make sure that a lot of people can find your site and discover your work.

2. Calendar – A calendar that shows your schedule will help clients know that you will be at a certain place for a certain time. If you are going to shoot at a public park, they can decide to go there too just to see you in action. It can also work to your advantage in such a way that it lets the clients think that they have to book you early on because someone else might book you for that date.

3. Ecommerce – This just makes it easier for your clients to pay you and have their orders online. Although you can place a contact number so that the clients can talk to you and make a personal appointment, there are some who would want to book you right away. Making it available for them online would make it easier for them to be sure that you will be there on their wedding to take pictures even at a short notice.

4. Don’t forget about the design – The design will help you make the client stay in your website because of how good it looks. Just make sure you don’t overdo it or you risk losing the client. The design should be simple and not harsh to the eye. You also have to make sure that it is easy to navigate through the site and find whatever they are looking for with just a few clicks.

5. Show your portfolio – Your portfolio is a way how your future clients can reach your previous clients. These photos are the best ones you have created and make sure there is an adequate number of photos and that there are photo details written so that potential clients wouldn’t be wondering what your photo is all about.