Why Hire Top Family Photography Services

Sometimes, I lay down in bed and think of all the wonderful things that has happened and is presently happening to my life. My life is not perfect, there times when I feel downright sad, tired, depressed and very disappointed that I want to scream at the top of my lungs and cry like a little girl. Things do not always go the way you plan it to be. No matter how hard you work, strive to become better and live the life you’ve always wanted, you still end up far from your goals and objectives. But then again I calm myself down and look beyond what’s lacking in my life or the negative things that try and put me down. Instead I focus on what I have, the people that make me happy and satisfied, who makes me feel as if I won the lottery every single day, my families, emphasis on the word family in plural form.

Yes, I have three families and before you ask why I have three and judge me even before talking or seeing me in person, let me explain to you the reason behind this. I am twenty- five years old, graduated from college six years ago with a degree in Business Management but presently is a housewife and working from home since last year. I am married to a man that works as a businessman who is three years my senior and together we try to be the best set of parents there is to a two- year- old baby girl. These two individuals are who I consider my first family.

The second family I have consists of my loving parents who are also both in business. I have two brothers one is older than me by two years and is also managing his own company while the other is in college taking up BS Psychology. I have three other sisters, the eldest of which is working in an advertising company, the next one is on her second year in med school and our youngest sibling is currently in second year high school. I grew up in a big family that is why I am used to being with a lot of people at home. Even if I already have my own family, I still make it a point to spend time with my second family whom I love dearly and miss being with each and every single day.

The third family I have consists of my in laws. This starts from the head of the household, my father- in- law whom I’ve always looked up to for always being so kind, hard working, caring and cooks the most delicious meals, my mother- in- law who has always been so caring and concern and the rest of the family from my 3 sisters- in- law, one brother- in- law, four nephews and three nieces.

Every time we have the chance to be together, we make sure that we hire top family photography services offered by certain companies so that we always have something tangible to look at and remind us of all the wonderful times we’ve been together.